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Bangkok Patpong bar girls, photos & clubs

Patpong one and Patpong two are 2 small streets connecting Silom road and Surawong near Sala Daeng BTS station. After the twilight comes over the Soi is closed down and the markets traders move in quickly installing dozens of flimsy shacks with some metallic pipes in the middle of the road.  At around 8pm the night starts and the girls move in, have something to eat, a chat and hope to find a big spender tonight since a new mobile phone is needed, the other go-go girl has a new one already, means also a 

new one is needed. There are plenty of other ways to enjoy a nice evening but nothing beats this bar strip when you are after a pretty nightclub women. There are really pretty ones around, relative to the amount probably the top in Thailand.

This one together with with Nana Plaza are the two top night entertainment strips in the city. On both side of the road are around 3 dozens go-go bars with sexy ladies.

Also restaurants serving all kind of foods catering every taste and if one is on a very slim budget street food is available at the crossing with Surawong and Silom but have a close look before you take this kind of since it is real cheap about $ 0.70 per plate and as everyone know this usually has low quality, means, you risk to stay in the bed a few days with stomach problems.

In the middle of the street every evening a market emerges.

Walking through every few meters another guy try to pull

you into one of the bars and the girls start screaming when they get one in. So called live shows happen in the bars at the second floors, don't go further up because above the second floor cheating is rampant.

Patpong clubs
Patpong girls are waitung for the foreigners
Patpong Bars
Patpong Bars
Shopping Clothing
Shopping Clothing
Patpong Bar Girls Dancing
Girls Dancing

At street level usually no problems occur. Its nice to watch the go-go dancer moving their back showing more as they hide in slim outfits, its just the right place for a pleasant evening to switch the daily nonsense out of head and drift away.

The drift maybe ends in one of the hotels available for hourly rate. Some of them, actually around the corner at Surawong offer some special environ such as rooms with walls covered with mirrors and so on.

It is also possible to drive the car just to the room front door and a curtain is pulled behind the car, this guarantees utmost privacy. Usually prices are ok, it always needs some bargaining.

Bars are quite low priced,

a small Heineken bottle is around 150,- Baht (2013) and if you are hungry don't be shy to use one of the restaurants, the food there is good and usually no stomach problems afterwards, if you like Japanese food move a little further east to Thaniya Plaza, there are around 50 Japanese restaurants and about 100 clubs and karaoke parlors.

Maybe the most interesting if you are not after the women is a walk through the markets along the road and also at Silom and Surawong. Clothing is quite cheap, if you like watches buy only the cheap ones not the copy watches from China for over thousand Baht since the chance is high that they are broken after some days and there is no warranty, hard bargaining is essential, also for other things such as shoes, handbags etc.

If you are rather interested in other women, lets say Russian and Ukraine plus similar buy a Bangkok Post Newspaper  and look through the ad sections you will find what you want. Plenty of Indian and Pakistani guys come to Bangkok every day for this find of adventure. In most hotels ad magazines are available free of charge with all kind of nightlife ads to explain Patpong Thailand.


Patpong Bangkok
Patpong Bangkok
Patpong Nightlife
Patpong nightlife
Patpong Markets
Patpong markets with cheap sales
Patpong Bar Girls
Bar Girls at the side of Thaniya Plaza, they wait for Japanese men and get them in one of the karaoke bars upstairs.





Sports bar Patong photos
Sports bar Patong photos
Bangkok go go bar Patpong photo
Bangkok go go bar Patpong photo
Patpong Thailand
Patpong Thailand
Patpong shows  Patpong Video
Patpong clubs with pretty girls


Thailand Ladyboys
Patpong Ladyboys working nightshift

Patpong Bangkok girls, clubs and market
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