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Bangkok nightlife with bars, girls, lounges, restaurants and more

Bangkok nightlife is chaotic, lively, busy and vibrant during the day and the same goes on after it gets dark and with a real express speed it's on until about 3am and more. Sukhumvit Road, Silom, Surawong and the Rachadaphisek area is stretched across the city cutting a valley of a modern Sodom and Gomorrah through. A pulsating pleasure zone with, bar girls, ladyboys, nightclubs, beer bars , restaurants, massage ladies and so on.

This is a one-stop deal for someone looking for bargain shopping and fun plus a great deal with a pretty Thai Bar Girls. The spots are served by either the BTS Bangkok "Skytrain" or the subway / underground system. Its a very clean and functioning environment set into the city by a Germany company and this really works, better than Singapore or Hong Kong.

Rambling roads and many small alleys

branching off, called Soi, they are home of great restaurants and night markets. Tasty Thai and other food, is available, live music at many places and at quarters such as “little Arabia” close to Nana Skytrain Station the water pipes, halal food and other Arab, Lebanon and Egyptian specialties are served. Similar is happen in "little India", Chinatown and elsewhere.

Some have a distinctive contemporary flair and others a real “Arab Baroque” environment. About one or two millions foreign visitors come every year and

about half of them come because of Thailand's nightlife. The capital is probably the premier night action destination worldwide, around 20 discos, at least about 500 go-go bars, nightclubs and everything in this direction promise fun.

Nana Plaza Bangkok Nightlife

is full with bar girls, go-go ladies, ladyboys, nightclubs, beer bars and there is a great atmosphere.

All is quite rotten but the overall mood is amazing, everyone is after quick cash, some of the women around are amazing attractive, read more.

bars at nana plaza girls at nana plaza

is "the mother of all nightlife" in Thailand. Since the Vietnam war the bang bang beat is on, in resent years more and more ladyboys moved in and with them came many problems since this persons are mentally very instable, but anyway a great place for a amazing night, try it.

Upstairs the life and tiger show is on, read more.

patpong bar Patpong Bar Girls
Thaniya Plaza

is a shopping area during the day at Silom's Sala Daeng Station quite close to Patpong and in the night it gets busy with Japanese restaurants, karaoke, nightclubs, massage and all kind of naughty business. It's a interesting place to have a look through, they are not after "farangs" (pay to little), they are after the "big spender from Tokyo or somewhere around there, read more.

Thaniya Plaza Hot Freelancer pretty women waiting for big spender
Sukhumvit at Night

is difficult to define, basically it's something from everywhere, typical chaotic action where everyone try to carve out some money. People come here for shopping and nightlife adventure. That is probably the best strip in the city for that purpose. It is sometimes really unbelievable what's going on in particular with ladyboys in the night, there are also some luxury and also cheap hotels around, read more.

sukhumvit at night Sukhumvit at Night

Soi Cowboy at night

Pubs or beer fill up stations and other hot spots with pretty Thai bar girls. There are also plenty of  other not visible to public, this includes , myriads of karaoke clubs and other places to have fun after the sun disappears. Very special are the gambling areas.

This is strictly forbidden, but as usual everyone does it. This is not the only here, at almost every bigger town in the country has some kind of illegal gambling.

Prices are low, relative to EU and US prices, everyone who is on a  tour gets real value for his hard earned money. Here and at other places you wont experience problems with people filtering the crowd in front of a nightclub or disco, there are none of them.

That includes model shows, go-go girls and lounges. This is also available in other countries but here it's a dimension bigger. The main hot spots are Patpong, Nana Plaza, Thaniya Plaza, Soi Gay at Surawong plus many other. Almost all are accessible by the BTS elevated train, either along Silom or Sukhumvit.

Very popular are dance shows in the nightclubs with plenty of ladies and gay guys.

Bangkok Patpong is real hot stuff with pretty girls

There are other similar places with coyote dancing as it is called here. All is a bit different to cities in Europe, US or elsewhere.

A special spot is Thaniya Plaza, just beside the elevated train station at Silom. The Soi is full with karaoke bars, nightclubs and Japanese restaurants. They are dedicated to Japanese customers. Its a bit more expensive than elsewhere in the city, but the girls are also usually more pretty than at other places, since the Japanese pay more and the higher the payment the better the more pretty come in.

Bangkok Nightlife Pictures tell much more, here are more pictures that's where the "music" plays, they will tell everything a bit more detailed, more colorful and impressive. Sometimes it's a bit difficult to shoot them since not everyone like picture taking, there is too many "hanky panky" business going on, read more.

At Patpong the most famous strip in town
Patpong Go Go Bar
Patpong with Thai Bar girls, go-go and all this needs some baht.
Bangkok Nightmarket at Patpong
Night market,
massage and real adventure with plenty of women
Patpong bars and clubs with ladyboys and more
Bangkok Nightlife Pictures
Bangkok nightlife pictures
Live music at Bangkok Nightlife
Life music in a hot ambience
Go Go Bar at Patpong Go Go Dancing Costumes Patpong Bar
Bangkok Nana Plaza
Bangkok Massage Parlor at Thaniya Plaza
Massage Parlor at Thaniya Plaza
Bangkok Nightlife Girls
Bangkok Nightlife Girls
Katoeys or Ladyboys at Patpong Bangkok
Nightlife at Bangkok with Katoeys

Bangkok massage parlors are legend,

including the special soapy one which actually is, you are in the bathtub with some foam around and the massage girl or girls massage you by moving and pushing their body on you, but this is only the start, after a intermezzo sexy business in on by any means. Spa's are a different subject, the serious are  usually in the big hotels.

Most of the top hotels are a excellent nightlife destination by themselves. Having top notch bars with sophisticated decoration, a high level of service and a great atmosphere.

Pianist and singer, maybe a band bring great Thai music and international music, are common , they usually are quite expensive (by Thai standard) but they really get you into funky mood. and as you maybe already guess, there are some nice Thai girls around to make you stay a pleasant one. The two top hotels are the Oriental at the riverside and the Four Season at the main shopping area where Central World and Siam Square is. Both hotels are, as indicated top luxury level, the only difference is the Four Season is somehow a bit more customer oriented and has a BTS Station only 5 minutes walk away.

On your tour you can easily find a companion, there is no problem to take the ladies, boys, ladyboys or katoeys with you to the hotels or you can just move into a short time hotel for about baht 500,-, its about the same when you take them with you into your hotel. Just keep everything in a way that nobody have any problem.

Maybe some ignorant call this a particular variant of tourism, but what they don't understand is the world is big and cant be explained by some arrogant people who always try to tell others what is good and what not.

The 4 major nightlife areas are Patpong,
Nana Plaza, Thaniya Plaza and Soi Cowboy, but this are not the only ones,  full of bars, nightclubs, pubs, discos, go go bars, coyote bars, karaoke entertainment and so on.

What makes this here so popular is, its affordable, girls are easy going and there is no selection at the nightclub door looking if you have the right shoes and pants.

Katoeys or Ladyboys at various locations are one the attractions. When you brows the pages in our website you can easily imagine it's sizzling out there. Real hot stuff is waiting for you it wont matter if you look for some gay adventure, maybe Thai ladyboys, who knows, all this is available.

Do some speed dating, just go to the nightclubs, clubs, Go-Go bar, pubs and so on and have a look, don't be shy you will have a excellent chance for successful Thailand nightlife adventure.

When you compare this sexy environment with most other destinations like Manila, Rio, Mombasa and so on, you can be sure to be at the right place at the right time.

In general better  keep a few things in mind, one of this is, don't take girlfriends with because here are all the temptations a man can think about, this for both gender.

This has already legendary status so are the famous red light districts and huge massage shops (there are also smaller ones). All have one thing in

Go-Go Bar in Thailand
Go-Go Bar at Sukhumvit
great gay go-go in a Bangkok night

common and this are the pleasure women at Bangkok city.

This is a very democratic environment, if you look for girls, no problems. If they are rather prefer nightlife boys, they are also easily available.

More about a great night in Bangkok

You want ladyboys? There are plenty, being rather on the lesbian side? they are around, just look., where are they around? the best is to check nightclubs they call cafe's, they also do karaoke there but

plenty of local lesbians are there waiting for some business.

At Surawong Road opposite Thaniya plaza

is plenty of gay nightlife going on. There are Soi's with gay bars, go-go and coyote bars, plus restaurants and lounges, all in all great stuff waiting. If you are Japanese your destination probably will be Tanya or Thaniya Plaza,  just a few corners from Pat Pong.

If someone prefer Japanese food that is also a ideal quarter for, there are several dozens of them with lots of varieties and in between karaoke clubs with sometimes really pretty women.

If you are Chinese you probably will like the huge places along Rachadaphisek road. If you are gay you will find your heaven at Sukhumvit and Surawong road, just about 100 meters east of Patpong.

Exotic restaurants are plenty

since people from all over the world come here a impressive food culture has grown over the years. Many offering premium exotic food and the right environment to go with. Exotic food is available at certain areas of with specialty food stores. As you can see this Arab restaurant pictures here. They even offer water pipes to the guests but don’t serve alcohol, this is real unique.

Bangkok gay bar at Bangkok Surawong
Gay bar at Surawong are very busy

This Arab eatery -right pictures- is near Nana Skytrain station where a small quarter with many Middle Eastern shops emerged in the past years.

There is a every growing amount of tourists from Arab countries who and enjoy the great shopping. Arab people especially from Egypt where the first setting up restaurants and shops.

People from Saudi Arabia are rare since the problems of the past between the two countries are whether solved nor forgotten yet.

The international orientation of the tourists automatically brings a demand for food from their countries with, Thai also eat Thai food when they go to the US and Germans also eat German food when they are vacation here.

Arab Restaurant Bangkok Nana
Arab Restaurant near Nana plaza at Sukhumvit BTS Station

The steady flow of immigrants of different countries supports this since many of them open a restaurant for a particular type of food to bridge a certain time and after it just becomes mainstream.

Thailand Nightlife


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